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7 unbelievable things you never knew about Thiamethoxam

We would recommend you a mites, rice planthopper special effects products - thiamethoxam pymetrozine today.

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Product features:

1. This product is a special aphid, rice planthopper, quickly effect, never cause resistant on target pests;

2. This product has contact, stomach toxicity, up-and-down systemic absorption, and can quickly reach the roots and leaves of crops;

3. Thiamethoxam and pyridoxine compounding agent, thiamethoxam inhibits the synthesis of chitin in insects, interferes with metabolism, causes nymphs to peel off or wing deformity and slowly dies; pymetrozine blocks insect needles, stops feeding, and finally died;

4. This product can be used in both the xylem of the plant and the phloem, and the new long branches and leaves can be effectively protected after spraying.

5. Effectively control all kinds of pests such as aphids, spider mites, planthoppers, chafer larvae, potato beetles, and leaf miners, which are effective for fighting aphids, scutellaria, and rice planthoppers;

6. WDG formulation, which disintegrate in a cloud form during the process of sinking in water fast;

7. Stem and leaf treatment, seed treatment, soil treatment.

Target insects:

Vegetables: aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners, etc.;

Fruit trees: aphids, planthoppers, leaf miners, etc.;

Field crops: aphids, rice planthoppers, potato beetles, etc.

Target plants:

Field crops: rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, etc.;

Vegetables: cucumber, tomato, pepper, beet, etc.;

Fruit trees: apples, pears, peaches, citrus, etc.;

Cash crops: peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, etc.



10g for one sprayer water


10g × 50 bags × 10 boxes / box

100g × 60 bags / box

/(Edited by Alfred)


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