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Acetamiprid and comparison of Acetamiprid and Imidaclorprid(1)

Acetamiprid and Imidaclorprid are insecticides, so what are the different characteristics of Acetamiprid and Imidaclorprid?
Acetamiprid and Imidaclorprid are both spectral insecticides that can be used to treat a variety of crop pests, so what are their characteristics? What's the difference?
Acetamiprid and comparison of Acetamiprid and Imidaclorprid
Function characteristics

Mobillon is a pyridine compound and a new insecticide. In addition to its catalytic and stomach-toxic effects, it also has a strong infiltration effect, and shows a rapid insecticidal effect, with a long shelf life of about 20 days. Low toxicity to human and livestock, the natural enemy of small, low toxicity to fish and the effect is small bees, apply to the prevention and control of fruit tree, vegetable pests, the upper wing made soil granules treatment, prevention and control of underground pests.
Prevention and control of aphids to prevention and control of aphids in cucumber cucumber spray from the early stage, with 3% per acre moby lang was 40-50 ml (1.2 to 1.5 grams) effective ingredients, evenly spray of water, good control effect with melon aphid performance, such as in rainy years, efficacy is still sustainable more than 15 days.
Matters needing attention


1. As this agent is toxic to silkworms, do not spray it on mulberry leaves if there is mulberry garden nearby.
2. Do not mix with strong alkali agents (bordeaux mixture, sulfur mixture, etc.).
3. The preparation shall be sealed and stored away from children, cool and dry warehouse, and shall not be mixed with food.
4. The security interval is 15 days.

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