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Cotton is ripe for late:How to use ethephon correctly

Cotton is ripe for late:How to use ethephon correctly

This year's cotton maturity period is delayed by 5 to 10 days compared with normal years in China. It is especially important to do a good work to accelerate the ripening. The correct use of ethephon(Ethephon 40%SL) ripening in late-maturing cotton fields is a good measure to improve yield and increase income. However, if it is used improperly, will result in reduction of production and income. Therefore, we must correctly master the use of ethephon and use this plant growth regulator

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A suitable cotton field for the application of ethephon(Ethephon 40%SL), choosing a cotton field with late maturity and late growth, and the focus is on the selection of hybrid cotton with strong post-development. For cotton fields with more than 80% of cotton bolls in 40 to 45 days, the effect of application will be particularly good. However, for cotton fields that are normally mature, especially those with premature aging trends, ethephon cannot be sprayed, otherwise the cotton plants will cause premature aging, resulting in reduced yield. For the cotton of the fine breeding field, it is even incompatible to spray the ethephon, which will greatly reduce the utilization value of the seed.

Properly grasp the best period of application of ethephon. It must be at the time when the temperature is above 20 ℃ in order to decompose and release ethylene. Therefore, after spraying, it is required to have a daily maximum temperature over 20 ℃ roughly 15 days to receive better effect.
Spraying method and dosage: it should be used in sunny days without no wind or just breeze, when the temperature is higher, then the effect would be good. For cotton fields that are prosperous, late in application, temperature situation is not good, and eager to plow, the application rate should be increased appropriately, but the application rate per hectare should not exceed 2250 ml; on the contrary, the application amount should be appropriately reduced. The diluted solution is directed to the green bell of the plant for more than 40 days, and evenly sprayed from top to bottom, make sure each cotton boll which needs ripening is covered by the liquid.

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Spraying 2% superphosphate dilution solution in the late stage of spraying the mixture of ethephon and 2% superphosphate has a significant effect on promoting maturity, preventing premature aging, increasing yield, and it is worthy of promotion according to local conditions. The method: firstly, 15 kg high-quality superphosphate is dissolved with 750-900 kg water, filter the residue off, and then the ethephon pesticide required per ha is added, evenly mixed, one ha cotton field can be sprayed.

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Notices to be aware of when using ethephon:
1. Ethephon is an acidic pesticide that is easily decomposed when mixed with alkaline substances. Therefore, do not mix with alkaline pesticides. The prepared ethephon diluent should not be stored, and it should be diluted before using time.
2. After spraying the ethephon in cotton field, if it rains within 6 hours, it needs to respray after the rain.
3. for a large number of spun cotton fields, the boll opening rate is more than 50%, use less or do not use, so as to avoid the negative effect on cotton quality.

4. The ethephon is strong acid liquor, with a strong stimulating effect on the human body, and must be safely protected during work. Rinse immediately with soap and water when applying the liquid to the skin.
5. Don't trust in cheap price to buy fake or inferior products. Each percentage of good product worth its value.
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