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Foliar fertilizer: microbial+brassinolide fertilizer

Foliar fertilizer is a fertilizer for the purpose of foliar absorption, which directly applies the nutrients needed for crops to the foliage. Foliar fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that is applied on the surface of crop leaves by nutrients and exerts its function through the absorption of leaves. The leaves of plants have upper and lower epidermis, which are composed of epidermal cells. The outer side of the cells has cuticle and wax on the outer side. It can protect the mesophyll cells under the epidermis tissue from functions such as photosynthesis and respiration, and is not affected by changes in external adverse conditions. There are many tiny pores on the surface of the leaves to exercise the function of gas replacement. Studies have shown that the stratum corneum consists of a long carbon chain fatty acid polymer with hydroxyl and carboxyl groups. The molecular interstices of the polymer and the hydrophilic groups of the hydroxyl and carboxyl groups on the molecule allow the aqueous solution to penetrate into the leaves. The stomata on the surface of the blade are a more convenient passage for the foliar fertilizer to enter the blade.

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In the process of crop growth, crops have shown some nutrient deficiencies. Because it takes a certain time to apply soil fertility, nutrients can be absorbed by crops, and the symptoms of crop deficiency cannot be alleviated in time. At this time, using foliar fertilization, nutrients can quickly enter the plant through the leaves, solving the problem of deficiency.
Microbial & brassinolide fertilizer takes advantage of advanced technology, especially adding the production factor DA-6, cell activating agent and antibacterial agent, rich in fulvic acid, amino acids, alginate, natural brassin, and trace elements B, Zn, Mn, Fe,etc. Integrate disease resistance and yield increase, nutrition regulation, broad spectrum and high efficiency, increase yield.
Robust seedlings and plants, and the grain is full. Significantly increase production, field crops can increase by more than 20%, fruits and vegetables can increase by 50-80%.
Flower protection, swelling color, shape appearance good. Increase sugar content and increase product rate, sell advanced 6-8 days.
Improve crop resistance of drought, frost, rotten roots, dead seedlings, deformative leaves, yellow leaf, withered, slow growth, premature aging and other phenomena caused by continuous cropping and viruses. Good remission on diseases and insect pests damages, herbicide injury, and fertilizer damage .

Microbial & brassinolide fertilizer
Quick effect, super concentrated;
High utilization rate, each bag can correspond to 20 kg base fertilizer, and used together with base fertilizer conducts good effect;
Safe for plants, mixed with insecticides and fungicides can increase their efficacy;
Fits for all green vegetables.

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