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How to use Beta-cypermethrin to get the best result

Spring is the best time to control pests. Now there are more pesticides on the market, but there are not many effective ones. The reason why beta-cypermethrin has been running the pesticide market for many years is that the effect is no problem. What is the specific use of Beta-cypermethrin?

1. Control of Citrus Leaf Leaf E: Control at the beginning of shooting and the peak of egg hatching. Diluted 4.5% times per acre and water 2250-3000 times, spray evenly.

2, control wheat aphids: 20 ml /15 kg water spray, adequate water;

3. Control of Citrus wax scale: Control during the peak period of egg hatching. Use 4.5% cream and water to dilute 900 times and spray evenly.

4. Prevention and control of corn borer: 15 ml /15 kg water spray.

5, control the Tea Looper: apply the medicine to the 2-3 instar larvae during the flourishing period, use Beta-cypermethrin and 4.5% EC 25--40 ml in each acre, and add water 60-75KG to spray evenly.


6, prevention and control of underground pests: 20 ml /15 kg water spray, adequate water; soil drought should not be used;

7. Control of cotton aphids and thrips: when the baud rate is 30% or the leaf roll rate is 5%. 4.5% 30-50ML of oil can be used in each acre, and 40-50kg is added to water.

8. Control of rice borers: 30-40 ml/15 kg of water, application of pesticides at the early or young stage of pest damage.

9, prevention and control of Pieri's caterpillar and small vegetable e: larvae 2-3 years of age to prevent and control, use 4.5% milliliters of oil 20-40 milliliters per mu, add water 40-50kg, spray evenly.

10. Beta-cypermethrin control of vegetable aphids: control of the wingless aphid at the peak stage, with 4.5% milliliters of 20-30 milliliters per mu, and 40-50kg of water evenly sprayed.
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