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Imidaclorprid 25% WP

Imidaclorprid 25% WP 


l  Imidacloprid is a nicotine type super-effective insecticide, broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue. With contact, systemic action, stomach toxicity and other multiple effects. When insects contacted the agent, the normal nerves of the central nervous system would be blocked and paralyzed.

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l  With good effect, it has high efficacy one day after usage, and the effective period lasts up to 25 days.

l  Positive correlation between efficacy and temperature.

Target insects:

Insect pests with piercing and sucking mouthparts: aphid, planthopper, whitefly, leafhopper, thripid;

Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera pests: Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus, oryzae, leafminer.


One bag one sprayer water; dilute 1:2000 to 1:2500


6g*800bags/CASE; 180g*50bags/CASE

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