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Mancozeb features?

Mancozeb is an old drug that has been used in China for many years. It has such excellent characteristics as broad spectrum, low toxicity, low residue, high potency, and multiple active sites.

At the same time, Mancozeb also has good mixability, which can be mixed with many internal bactericides, improving the efficacy and delaying the generation of drug resistance to internal absorption. The trace elements of manganese and zinc had obvious effects on strengthening and increasing crops. It is one of the main protective fungicides in fruit and vegetable producing areas in China.


Organic sulfur fungicides do not directly act on plant pathogens themselves, but are converted to EBIS in water or air and further converted to EBI under ultraviolet radiation. EBIS and EBI are the true fungicidal compounds.

These two active substances participate in six metabolic processes in pathogenic bacteria cells and inhibit pyruvate oxidation in vivo. Finally, it can inhibit the spore germination of pathogenic bacteria.
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