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Nongxin Duokui-5% Acetamiprid Test

At 15th, this month our market workmates leading by Han carried out a field test of the new launched product, Nongxin Duokui at Dezhou, ShanDong Province. The test site is arranged at Dayangcun, the greenhouse of a farmer Zhang Mingli. The target insect of this trail is intended to learn about the effect of this product on whitefly.

Whitefly is an important pest for growing crops in greenhouses. Wide range of hosts, mainly harmful to cucumbers, beans, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, etc. in vegetables. With adult pests, sucking mouthparts, sucking fruit and leaves, affect the quality and yield, can spread plant virus disease, excreta can cause the occurrence of diseases of coal smoke. In this experiment, two gradients of 20ml and 30ml were set to verify the best amount of control and the best control effect.

The regular pattern of the occurence of whiteflies: adults are mainly being active on the back of the leaves and incline to tender parts. Whiteflies always like to damage the upper young leaves and spawn on the face. The distribution on the plants has the following characteristics. On the uppermost young leaves, the adult and the first yellowish eggs are at the max quantity. On the lower leaves most were darkened eggs , and next part leaves were first-instar nymphs, then followed by middle-aged nymphs, and on the bottom part leaves were mainly quail (fourth-instar nymphs), and some were newly emerged adults. The optimum propagation temperature between 18-21°C.

Best time for controlling whiteflies with Acetamiprid: generally, when the dew has not dried up in the morning. Because the wings of whiteflies are lightweight without dew in the afternoon, which is favorable for fly and inconvenient to spray onto the body. The spray is applied with a focus on the back of the leaf and the spray is light.

Test Materials:

Eggplant, Nongxin Duokui (5% Acetamiprid), Marker Pen, Electric Sprayer, Pilot Plate, Measuring Cup

5% Acetamiprid menu.jpg?v=120233

Test procedure:
Use 20ml, 30ml Nongxin to win the water and spray 40 kg with water (half acre), observe the result for 10 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 15 days, 20 days, 30 days.


They chose two pieces of sampling fields in the green house, Samples on the left were evenly sprayed by Nongken Duokui 20ml 20kg of water. On the right, the sample was evenly sprayed 30ml with 20kg water.

After 10 hours of application, whitefly has begun to appear a large number of dead insects, adhere to the back of the leaves.  The mortality rate of 20ml samples reached 80%; the mortality rate of 30ml samples reached 90%. It can be seen that the gradient of 20ml has a good control effect.

 Duokui-5% Acetamiprid Test3.png?v=120233

20ml after 10h

 Duokui-5% Acetamiprid Test3.png?v=120233

30ml after 10h

Duokui-5% Acetamiprid Test5.png?v=120233


30ml after 24h

Evidently, after 10 h of application, the liquid began to work, and the flying ability of poisoned adults decreased.

Through the observation of this experiment, the control effect of the 5% acetamiprid 20ml watered with 40kg of water in the greenhouse baifenban was very obvious, and has a prominent effect on the prevention and control of the whitefly.

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