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Olive chemical preservation technology

    Pre-harvest spraying and enhanced field management can be used to increase the damage of potentially infested bacteria in olive fruits.
    The antibacterial agent frequently used to control olive bituminous coal disease has 1% equal amount of Bordeaux mixture, 5O% methyl thiophanate 800 times solution, 50% carbendazim 800 times solution and the like.


    The new shoots spray control against scale insects, aphids and olive star hibiscus, which can be used to control olive bituminous coal disease. As usual, 25% imipenem 1200 times solution, or 50% dichlorvos 1000 times solution can be used to control aphids and olive star hibiscus; 40% sulfur-sulfur phosphate l000 times solution, or 5O% Malathion 600-800 times solution for controlling the shell insect.
    Field spraying 0.3:0.3:100 Bordeaux mixture can better grasp the extension of olive anthracnose.
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