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Practical Utilization of Brassinolide on Crops

Practical Utilization of Brassinolide on Crops


Brassinolide enhances the cold resistance of peanut seedlings, soaking peanut seeds with a concentration of 0.01-0.1 mg/L of solution for 24h to promote germination and increase the content of amino acids, soluble sugar and chlorophyll. At the same time, the treatment of brassinolide solution can slow down the degradation of chlorophyll, reduce the accumulation of membrane lipid oxidation product malondialdehyde, and effectively increase the resistance of seedlings to low temperature; brassinolide can increase peanut yield, using 0.01% natural canola 5 grams of caprolactone water, plus 15 kilograms of water, sprayed at the beginning of the flowering period (the ovary handle into the soil). After spraying, the growth was steady, and the total number of fruits per plant was high. The weight of both fruits and Bairen was heavy, which increased 22% compared with the control.



In order to promote germination, boost seedling and improve tillering ability, can be sown after soaking seeds with 10000 times of 0.01% EC for 12h. During the period from the booting to the flowering stage of wheat, 0.01% EC 150-300g per ha, 750 kg water, spraying the stems and leaves can increase the leaf chlorophyll content, the seed setting rate, spike weight and grain weight, thereby increasing the yield.

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 Fruit trees

Navel orange in the flowering period and the first physiological fruit drop after spraying 0.01 ~ 0.1 mg/L concentration of liquid can significantly increase the fruit set rate, there is a fixed sweetening effect. Watermelon sprayed with 0.01% emulsifiable concentrate three times during flowering, 5 days apart, can significantly increase the rate of sitting, single melon weight.

Fruit trees


Soak the seeds with 0.04% SL 40000 times for 24 hours before sowing. After soaking and drying, seeding can accelerate seed germination, increase root length, increase fresh weight per plant, and use 0.04% SL 18.7537.5ml per hectare before tasseling, or 0.01%EC 150 ~ 300ml, 750kg water, spray the whole plant, can enhance photosynthesis. Reduce the baldness of the spike and increase the number of grains per spike.


 Bean crops

In order to cultivate soybean seedlings, it can be soaked in 0.04% SL40000 times for 6 to 12 hours before sowing. The fish is placed in a cool place and sowed when the beans are wrinkled, which can promote seedling growth and increase plant height and root weight. In the flowering stage of soybean, spraying the stems and leaves with 0.15% EC 10000 times solution can enhance the resistance to lodging and reduce the yield of the pods. . In the oil buds bud period and flowering period, spraying once, each time using 0.01% EC5000 times liquid 50kg, can increase plant stem diameter, spindle branch number, number of pods per pod, number of pods per pod and 1000-grain weight, thus Increase production by more than 10%. In order to increase the cold resistance of spring seedlings in the south, soak seeds for 24 hours with 0.01% EC 1000~10000 times before sowing. According to reports, spraying 0.15%EC 7500-10000 times liquid or 0.0002% SP 400 times liquid under peanuts can increase yield by more than 10%.

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