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Prevention and control of pests and diseases of Leafminer flies

Can harm cucumbers and tomatoes, but also harm the bell pepper.Larvae borer leaf meat, leaves appear on the back of the status quo white tunnel, with the larvae grow, latent channel widened elongation, often irregular bending, with the leaves can have multiple latent channel.The worm occurs from the lower part of the upward development of plants, greenhouse anniversary to October-the following year in February and 5-7 months for multiple periods.
Prevention and treatment methods

1, agricultural prevention and timely removal of vegetable garden plants, leaves and weeds, pest treatment residues.Rational distribution of varieties of vegetables, intercropping intercropping spot latent flies non-host plants or insects easy sense of bitter gourd, onion, garlic and so on.

2, biological control to shed the release of Ji small bees, such as the potential of the host bee fly cocoon prevention rate is higher.

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3, physical control in the greenhouse every 2m hanging a yellow plate (size 20cm2cm) at the top of the crop leaves slightly higher 10cm, yellow plate coated with a mixture of Vaseline and lindane powder to kill adults.

4,When there are 3-5 larvae on 2-4 leaves or 1 leaf in seedling stage, spraying control is carried out from 8.30 to 11 a.m. Spraying before dew drying can be carried out by using methavene chlorfenuron + 10% Beta-cypermethrin. When larvae are first seen in tunnels, they are sprayed once every 7-10 days with 10% Abamectin, 10% Beta-cypermethrin and 25 g/LBeta-cypermethrin, totally 2-3 times, killing larvae latent in leaves.

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