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The United States signed the first bio-pheromone regulation to help the industry take an important step forward

The U.S. act of 2018 to improve agricultural production was recently incorporated into the law as the first federal law against plant bio-stimulating hormone. The bill will plant bio-stimulating hormone is defined as " for seed, plant or rhizosphere treated substances or microorganisms to promote plant absorption of nutrients, improve nutrient use efficiency, enhance plant resistance to abiotic stress, to increase yield upgrading effect."Bio-stimulating hormone plays an increasingly important role in increasing production and farmer benefits.

"The explanation of plant bio-stimulating hormone helps people to understand and know about such products,” said David Beaudreau, managing director of the American bio-stimulating hormone alliance(USBC)."The law will contribute to the development of sustainable technologies in the field of Agriculture in the United States. We thank Congress for perfecting this law, which recognizes the emerging product category of the bio-stimulating hormone.”

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The bill requires the Ministry of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, the state government and the relevant agencies to report to the Congress, proposed legislation, including the development of the appropriate definition of plant bio-stimulating hormone. The aim of the report is to promote the construction of a legal system for Plant Biological stimulation, to ensure that the audit, registration, harmonization of national labeling, as well as product supply processes,  are carried out efficiently and appropriately.

"The definition of a product is largely consistent with the definition currently in place in the European Union," says Keith Jones, managing director of the American Biological Products Industrial Alliance(BPIA)."This has helped the bio-stimulating hormone production business development has taken an important step, which is also thanks to the United States Biological Products Industry Alliance, as well as the United States Union of the bio-stimulating hormone as the representative of the entire bio-stimulating hormone industry unremitting efforts.”

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