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The price of the original pesticide market each species gradually showing a stable trend

Of the 47 varieties tracked, the same period last year fell to 37 varieties, flat 5, up 5.Than last week, fell varieties 14, the remaining 3 varieties flat.

Herbicides: herbicides, compared with the same period last year, mesotrione original drug, acetochlor original drug, metolachlor original drug flat, the rest of the species were down; ring than last week, fomesafen original drug, bentazone drug fell, the rest of the herbicide stable varieties.


Insecticides: insecticide varieties, pymetrozine original drug, propargyphop original drug, propargite original drug, malathion original drug, Water Amine thiophos original drug and other varieties rose, dichlorvos original drug, Beta-cypermethrin mother liquor was flat, the remaining varieties were year-on-year decline;than last week, Avermectin meal, Avermectin powder, acetamiprid original drug, chlorpyrifos original drug, levy salt original drug, bifenthrin original drug, spirodiclofen original drug, other varieties fell, the rest of the species flat.

Fungicides and intermediates: fungicides species, year-on-year, the overall variety fell; ring than last week, propiconazole original drug, thifluzamide original drug, ethyl chloride and other varieties fell, the rest of fungicides and intermediates species stable.
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