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The veranda vegetable lives bug plant doctor has a good idea

The heating measures in winter in north China not only provide a suitable environment for the growth of balcony vegetables but also provide favorable conditions for the occurrence of some diseases and insect pests. Vegetable pests and diseases, of course, the most anxious is the grower. How can these diseases and insect pests be controlled scientifically and effectively? Listen to what the plant doctor says.

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A plant doctor's cure

Firstly, after each harvest of potted vegetables, the dead branches and leaves in the pot should be cleaned in time, and it is better to disinfect the soil under high temperature or with light. Next, can use Bemisia tabaci to have the characteristic of juxtaposition yellow, set yellow plate to ensnare to kill adult insect in the balcony; If the above method doesn't work, can be in around noon touch blade with the hand, found a small white moth fly out immediately when spraying, it is recommended to use the worm screw 24% ethyl ester (mu wang then, can kill the eggs, in combination with other pesticide use) 4000-5000 times liquid, 25% or 15% Thiamethoxam+20% Pymetrozine WDG  water dispersible granule, 3000-5000 times liquid, or 20% of chlorine worm benzamide (Kang Kuan) reagents such as spray control, etc.

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Caution: apply for the medicine in the morning or evening, and apply it evenly and protect yourself. The application method shall refer to the dose, application time and safety interval indicated on the label of the product.
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