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What is the main use of Abamectin Miticide pesticides?

Abamectin Miticide pesticides description
Abamectin Miticide pesticides, management mites and leafminers and is labelled for the suppression of aphids, thrips and whiteflies. distinctive chemistry and mode of action create it for rotation in a very resistance management program. Abamectin works by stimulating the discharge of Gamma amino butanoic acid (GABA), that causes insect palsy presently when consumption.
Key Features:
1. extremely versatile Broad-spectrum cuss management
2. Translaminar movement
3. Superior management of mites and Liriomyza leafminers
4. Compatable with helpful arthropods and Integrated cuss Management Programs
5. The liquid formulation is inodorous, becomes rainfast inside hours of application and leaves no unpleasant residues on the foliage
6. Abamectin may be tank-mixed with several different merchandise
7. A liquid formulation for simple application with normal instrumentation and broad plant safety
Key Benefits:
1. Effective on each foliage and flowers and is a perfect product for a large form of application sites, leading to less merchandise to stay in inventory
2. Suppresses different key insect populations whereas dominant all key decorative mites with fewer tank mixes
3. speedy movement throughout the whole leaf provides longer protection and is compatible to be used in Integrated Crop Management programs

Abamectin mites Insecticide
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