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Medium element water-soluble fertilizer AS

Medium element water-soluble fertilizer AS

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Biological anti-cracking agent.


1. This product is movable liquid calcium with high absorption and utilization rate.

2. It can quickly penetrate the fruit surface or leaf cuticle and enter the inside of the fruit or leaves, making the fertilizer effect lasting.

3. This product can supplement calcium through dual channels and can be transported and conducted in the xylem and phloem at the same time. It is the only calcium fertilizer that can be conducted to the fruit after bagging.

4. This product is a pure natural integrated calcium, safe, does not contain chloride ions and hormones, and is suitable for various crops.

5. It has the characteristics of flexible calcium supplementation and can be sprayed, flushed and drip-irrigated.

Technology and methods of use:

Applicable crops

Period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and treatment suggestions

citrus、orange etc
citrus fruit trees

Apply once before flowering, a second time after flowering and during fruit setting, and a third time 14-21 days later.

Spraying concentration: 500-1000 times

Please choose the appropriate usage technology according to different usage purposes. In case of severe calcium deficiency,

It is recommended to combine root application with foliar spray.

grape, strawberry and other berries

Apply the first time during the fruit setting period, the second time after 14 days, and the third time during the expansion period.

Spraying concentration: 500-1000 times


Spray the apples 3 times before bagging, with an interval of 7 days.

Spraying concentration: 800-1500 times

Carrots, potatoes, root vegetables, potatoes

Spray once on carrots at the 4-6 leaf stage, and a second time 14 days later; spray once on potatoes during tuber formation stage, and then spray once every 14 days.

Spraying concentration: 500-1000 times


Spray for the first time at the end of the flowering period, and then apply once every 10 days, a total of 3 times.

Spraying concentration: 500-1000 times

field crops

Apply once each during booting stage and grain filling stage.

Spraying concentration: 800-1000 times

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