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Azoxystrobin15%+Tebuconazole25% SC

Azoxystrobin15%+Tebuconazole25% SC

Product specification:

30g*50bottles*4boxes    1000g*12bottles

Prevention map:

Rice smut disease、rice blast disease、sheath blight、wheat powdery mildew disease、wheat rust disease

Product Category: 

bactericide to prevent three diseases and increase production.

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Active ingredient content

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Azoxystrobin15%+Tebuconazole25% SC



sheath blight




1. One medicine can prevent multiple diseases, increase production and improve health, make living stalks mature, and provide better rice quality.

2. It can be quickly absorbed after application, and 70% can be absorbed within 2 hours. It is effective and can effectively reduce the frequency of medication;

3. Protection and prevention in the early stage, treatment and eradication in the middle and later stages. It is a universal bactericide throughout the process.

Technology and methods of use

Applicable crops

Prevention objects

period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and treatment suggestions


sheath blight、rice blast disease、Rice smut disease

Rice blast disease control should be carried out during the breaching stage. Sheath blight disease control should be carried out during the lockdown period


Depending on the condition, spraying again will be more effective after about 7 days.


Powdery mildew disease、rust disease

Early stage of onset



scab disease、Scab of cucurbit、Anthracnose disease

Spring shoots - flowering stage, young fruit stage


  For use in the early stage of onset, it is recommended to mix with bacterial agents.

Solanaceous vegetables

leaf spot disease

First flowering period and fruiting period

10-20g/barrel water

  Prevent premature aging and increase production


leaf spot disease、rust disease

Early stage of onset


Continuous use of pesticides can prevent premature aging and increase yields


1. This product is prohibited from being used on cherries and apples;

2. When used on melons, it is prohibited within 1 meter of the vines;

3. It is not recommended to mix it with emulsifiable concentrate pesticides and surfactants. If you need to mix it, you should conduct a test first.

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