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Chlorantraniliprole 30% SC

Chlorantraniliprole 30% SC

Chlorantraniliprole 30% SC Specifications:

5g*100bag*8box; 10g*100bag*8box; 40g*100bottle; 100g*60bottle; 200g*40bottle; 500g*20bottle; 1000g*12bottle

Registration information:

Active ingredient content

Registered crops

prevention and treatment target

Registered Usage


Chlorantraniliprole30% SC


Chilo suppressalis

49.5-100.5 ml/hectare

Mist spray

Product category: long lasting insect control

Product Features:

1, the first to create chlorine insect polymerization process: a) Polymerization of water-locking formulations to increase the penetration of liquid, absorption, one time the effect of insect control over two times the effect of conventional drugs to kill insects. b) Strong adhesion, resistant to rainwater washout, pest control for a long time.

2, the first to use method to disorienting the insects, early use this product can let the female moth can’t find the right way in that way they can not endanger the crops, and that mature insects can not lay eggs, and it also make the larvae can not molt, then the crop does not attract insects or less insects, so that the farmers use less pesticides and less money.

3, the first to create milk suspension process, containing polypeptide nucleotides: a) strengthen the seedlings, protect and moisturizing the seeds, repair the broken wound of the crop; b) It is microtoxicity even 5 times lower than salt, keep fish, shrimp, bees, birds and other biological safety, and also nourishing its growth c) can be mixed with other agents, herbicides, can not only decrease pests but also make weeds eliminate.


Applied crops


Period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and control recommendations


Rice leaf folder

At the beginning of egg incubation, the field moth population exceeds 20 moths/hectare.


Direct seeding rice: recommended to be used twice continuously at the early tillering stage and row closure stage of rice;

Transplanted rice: two consecutive applications are recommended at the seedling stage and the end of tillering stage;

If the control period is missed, it is recommended to mix it with other poisoning chemicals.

Chilo suppressalis

Tryporyza incertulas


Pyrausta nubilalis

Early stage of insect hatching (corn 3-4 leaf stage, 8-12 leaf stage)


Northern corn area: in the corn seedling 3-4 leaves and corn 8-12 leaves (big trumpet period) eachhectare of 10 grams once, diluted uniform spray.

Southern sweet corn area: 2-3 days before transplanting in the seedbed, use 15 grams perhectare in the field in full dosage, and then again about 10 days after transplanting.

The spray should be used once again.

Direct seeding of field corn, according to the fieldhectare dosage of 15 grams, use it during the mothpeak period of occurrence, and then use it again 7-10 days after transplanting, and use it 2 times continuously.

Mythimna separata

Spodoptera frugiperda

Spodoptera litura Fabricius


leaf roller moth

Early stage of insect hatching

4500 times (small tree) -7500 times ( big tree )

Orange spring, summer (young trees), autumn tip 10% sprouting time with this product 4500 times (small trees) -7500 times ( big trees) spray once, every 10-15 days and then spray again, on the neatly tip of the tree spraying once.


Conopomorpha sinensis 、leaf roller moth

Early stage of insect hatching

4500 times (small tree) -7500 times ( big tree )

In the litchi first physiological fruit drop period (young fruit as mung bean big or so) and young fruit expansion period (as finger big), with this product 4500 times (small trees)-7500 times ( big trees ) to spray twice time in total to control conopomorpha sinensis , spraying need to pay attention to the tree bore and the ground weeds, fallen leaves spraying.


Carposina niponensis Wals,Dichocrocis punctiferalis Guenée,

Grapholitha molesta.

Early stage of insect hatching



Use before bagging the fruits, the effect of continuous use is better.

Precautionary note:

Advocates early use of pesticides, recommended withchlorfenapyr, abamectin and other mixed drugs

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