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Chlorfenapyr 15%+ Tolfenpyrad15% SC

Chlorfenapyr 15%+ Tolfenpyrad15% SC

Chlorfenapyr 15%+ Tolfenpyrad15% SC Specifications:

30g*50bottle*4box; 200g*40bottle; 500g*20bottle

Registration information:

Active ingredient content

Registered crops

prevention and treatment target

Registered Usage


Chlorfenapyr 15%+ Tolfenpyrad15% SC

Tea tree

Empoasca pirisuga Matumura

180-300g/ hectare

Mist spray

Product category:

Pesticides for Cyprinid and Thrips

Product Features:

1, Double killing of insects and eggs, early use can control the three generations of insects, it's alternative and upgraded  products of fipronil, and chlorpyrifos

2, 1min make pests stop feeding, 30min kill larvae, 60min can kill almost adult insects.

3, Prevent powdery mildew and downy mildew at the same time, repair the damage, with thicken and increase green of the leaves.

4, Add thrips greenfly synergist, which can kill the insects through the skin soluble wax and kill the insects thoroughly.


Applied crops


Period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and control recommendations



Beet army worm、Thrips、cabbage butterfly

Early occurrence of insect mouth

20-30g/15-20kg water

Spray evenly and rotate medication between 3-5 days

Field crop(Corn、

Soybean、Peanut、Rice、Scallion, ginger and garlic)

Thrips、Beet army worm、Spodoptera litura Fabriciu、Spodoptera frugiperda、Rice leaf folder

Early occurrence of insect mouth

20-30g/15-20kg water

Spray evenly,can apply toAerial Crop Protections


Empoasca pirisuga Matumura、Thrips、tea geometrid

New shoot period-summer period

1000-1500 times

For small variety of tea, do experiment firstin a small scale then use it for a large area

Northern fruit trees(Apple、


Thrip、leafroller moth、

Subspermatic moth、budworm

Early occurrence of insect mouth

2000-3000 times

Advanceapply pesticideaccording to the forecast

Southern fruit trees(Orange、


Thrip、plant louse、Scale insects、noctuid、loopworm

Early occurrence of insect mouth

2000-3000 times

Advance use themedicine according to the forecast,ifinsectnumber isbig, recommended to use compounding agent

Precautionary note:

1, Use this product with caution before the leafy vegetables 6 leaves period

2, cucumber is relatively safe, but other cucurbit crops , and during the flowers flowering period it should be used with caution

3, Tea (white tea and green tea) should be used with caution in the young leaf stage.

4, When applying on tea it can not be mixed and matched with Pyridaben.

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