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Spirotetramat 10%+ Pyriproxyfen15% SC

Spirotetramat 10%+ Pyriproxyfen15% SC

Spirotetramat 10%+ Pyriproxyfen15% SC Specifications:

10g*80bag*8box; 80g*60bottle; 100g*60bottle; 500g*20bottle; 1000g*12bottle

Product category: The new generation long lasting ovicide

Registration information:

Active ingredient content

Registered crops

Prevention and treatment target

Registered Usage


Spirotetramat10%+ Pyriproxyfen15% SC


Greenhouse Whitefly

150-300 ml/hectare

Mist spray

Product Features:

1, Broad-spectrum egg killing, comprehensively control and kill the eggs of large insects (such as greenfly, leaf miner moth, etc.) and small insects (such as whitefly, woodlouse, thrips, mealybug, etc.).

2, T3 efficiency technology: kill eggs + sterilization + kill young, make ordinary insecticides into special insecticides.

3, Chelate conduction technology: all aspects of conduction technology + chelate adsorption piggybacking on ordinary agents, to achieve cross-layer penetration, resistance to rainfall, lasting protection of newborn tissues for more than 30 days.

4, original anti-resistance technology, low temperature resistance, is chlorpyrifos, spirotetramat and other upgraded alternative products.

5, Suspension components, more resistant to temperature and pH changes, lure and kill insects more thoroughly.

6, Repair damaged leaves, anti-disease and quality improvement, to produce beautiful fruit and green leaves.


Applied crops

Period of use




Vegetables and other cash crops

early stage of occurrence



1000-1500 times, apply twice in a row. Spray evenly at 10 days interval.

It can rapidly reduce the insect population base and kill the eggs, and provide long-term control effects.

occurrence of emergency

Use this product1000-1500 times+ Dinotefuran 30%+ Thiamethoxam 20%1500-3000 times,Apply two even sprays in a row


early stage of occurrence



2000-2500 times solution for spraying Second application after 10 days

It can rapidly reduce the base number of insect population, with remarkable effect against small insects and long lasting effect period.

It can also control red spider.

occurrence of emergency

Use this product2500-3000 times+ Ethylated and methylated vegetable oils 300-750 times spray evenly

Southern fruit tree

early stage of occurrence

scale insect;


New shoots, fruiting stage use this product1500-2000 times+lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5%+ imidacloprid

5% SC750-1000 times spray evenly

No interactive resistance, long lasting effect period up to 15-20 days; wide spectrum of prevention and control, also against red spider. Saving the cost of medication, saving time and labor.

occurrence of emergency

To prevent and control mesquite, usethis product 2000-2500 times +buprofezin 25% SC

1000 times for spraying


fruit tree

early stage of occurrence



After flower shedding (leaf spreading period), 2000-2500 timesspraying, and then the second application after 20 days.

For peach aphid, pear louse timely use this pesticide to reduce the number of insect base, and make leaves spreading, outstanding effect, long duration of effect. Fruit farmers can save time, labor and money.

occurrence of emergency

Use this product2000-2500 times+ Dinotefuran 30%+ Thiamethoxam 20% WDG

750-1000 timesspraying to prevention

Precautionary note:

1, This product is sensitive to grass crops (rice, corn, sugar cane, etc.) and should be used with caution.

2, When applying, it should make the crop leaves, branches, twigs and so on fully charged with medicine, and the best effect is applied during the green leaf period.

3, In order to avoid pest resistance, it is recommended to be used in combination with agents with different mechanisms of action, or used in rotation.

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