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Anti-fruit drop essence AS

Anti-fruit drop essence AS

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Anti-fruit drop essence.


1. This product can quickly activate crop growth factors, enhance cell vitality, promote healthy tree growth, and significantly extend the fruiting period.

2. It can promote the differentiation of flower buds. The leaves will be dark green and thick 2-3 days after using this product. It can improve the fruit setting rate and prevent physiological fruit drop.

3. This product can promote fruit enlargement and make the fruit fleshy. The fruits are large and uniform, with beautiful shape, bright color and good storage resistance.

4. This product can reduce the occurrence of cracked fruit, deformed fruit, and rotten fruit, and improve the grade of fruit.

5. This product can improve the tree's immunity and improve the fruit tree's ability to resist cold, drought and frost.

Technology and methods of use:

Applicable crops

Period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and treatment suggestions

Citrus, orange, etc.

citrus fruit trees

Apply once before flowering.

Apply the first time on spring shoots, the second time during fruit setting, and the third time 14-21 days later.

Spraying concentration: 800-1500 times

Please choose the appropriate usage technology according to different usage purposes.

Grapes, strawberries and other berries

Apply for the first time during the flower bud differentiation stage. Apply 2 times during the fruit setting stage and third time during the expansion stage.

Spraying concentration: 500-1000 times


The first application is during the flower bud differentiation stage, the second application is before bagging, and the third application is during the fruit expansion stage.

Spraying concentration: 800-1500 times


Spray for the first time at the end of the flowering period, and then apply once every 10 days, a total of 3 times.

Spraying concentration: 800-1000 times

field crops

Apply once each during the booting stage and grain filling stage.

Spraying concentration: 1000-1500 times

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