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Fly prevention synergist AS

Fly prevention synergist AS

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Patented five-yuan flying prevention synergist.


1. This product resists photolysis and oxidation, and has stable performance when mixed with pesticide liquid.

2. This product can intelligently regulate the distribution density of mist droplets, improve the atomization effect, and achieve the optimal insecticidal radius.

3. This product can adjust the size of the droplets, and control the particle size between 80-150um, with zero drift, zero bounce, and a 100% sedimentation rate.

4. The multi-component polymer nonionic surfactant enables the liquid to spread quickly, carry the drug to penetrate, and increase the drug efficacy by 40-60%.

Technology and methods of use:

1. It is suitable for various operations such as insect control in forest farms and pastures, fertilization and pesticide application in farmland and fruit trees.

2. This product is suitable for use in conjunction with various fly control agents such as pesticidess, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers and plant regulators.

3. Add 10ml per 666.667 square meters, mix evenly and use.

Warm reminder: Mix the pesticide with water first. It is recommended to mix it with the pesticide in a tank and use it on the same day.

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