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Abamectin+Mineral Oil

Abamectin+Mineral Oil

The mineral oil is obtained by taking a light lubricating oil fraction of 250-400 in crude oil, which is obtained by acid-base purification, water washing, drying, adsorption of white soil, and addition of an antioxidant. Dewaxing should also be used when using paraffin-based crude oil. In order to reduce the freezing point of the insulating oil, an appropriate amount of pour point depressant may be added. Take different distillate oils in crude oil, and control the concentration, amount, time of action and other related processes of sulfuric acid in the refining, and obtain transformer oil, capacitor oil, cable oil, switch oil, etc. with different uses. Solvent refining or solvent refining can also be combined with hydrorefining instead of acid-base refining. Mineral oil should control the appropriate depth of refining. Insufficient refining can not remove harmful impurities in oil; while over-refining will excessively remove the natural antioxidants and aromatic hydrocarbons contained in the oil, reducing its stability and gettering, which has a special impact on cable oil and capacitor oil. . In order to improve the arc extinguishing ability of the switch oil, the aromatic hydrocarbon content in the oil should be minimized.

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In the pesticide industry, mineral oil can be used to control pests such as citrus tree mites, rust tick, scale insects, eucalyptus and bayberry. It is a good insecticide after processing. Its mechanism of action is to produce asphyxiation by blocking the pores of adult or larvae. Especially for cockroaches, whiteflies, scale insects and other small insects, the effect is very good and the price is low. It can be processed into emulsifiable concentrate or ready to use on site. Because of its unique physical insecticidal principle of forming an oil film to seal the insect stomata and causing it to suffocate, it has no resistance for long-term use. It does not cause harm to natural enemies, thus reducing the cost of medication. Long-term use without residue, can be naturally decomposed into water and easily degradable substances, leaving no residue on crops.

0.2% abamectin+ 24.3% mineral oil is a combination of abamectin and refined mineral oil, a new mechanism of action, best agent for pest control, quickly kill the larvae and lice eggs, and control the quantity of mites for a long time.

The mineral oil has both bactericidal and synergistic effects. Effectively against powdery mildew and blight disease. When compounded with abamectin, it improves osmotic transfer and increases residence time on crops, resulting in significant efficiency.

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