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Inseticide TC Market Trend

Inseticide TC Market Trend

This month, the TC of ABA and EMA on the market were reduced. The manufacturers did not accept new orders and continued to push up the market transaction price. The refined powder of abamectin reached 700,000 RMB per ton, and the TC of EMA was raised to about 1.25 million RMB per ton.


The price of CCMP, imidazolidine and cyanoethyl ester in the upstream of nicotine TC has been raised. The low-cost supply in the market is decreasing. The manufacturers deliver pre-orders. The imidacloprid is quoted to be 175,000 RMB per ton. The TC of acetamiprid quoted 180,000 RMB per ton; the price of the TC of nitenpyram was quoted to 280,000 RMB per ton; the cost of the TC of thiamethoxam and cloth thiazide was supported, the price of CCMT and methyl nitroguanidine was high, and the domestic purchase order increased. The factory inventory decreased, the market turnover increased, and the recent environmental inspections led to a low CCMT productivity, manufacturers reluctant to sell, the price was raised to 110,000 RMB per ton and 160,000 RMB per ton, the price of the transaction moved up. The price of 3-cyanopyridine in the upstream of pymetrozine was up-regulated. With the increase of the dry reserves of domestic preparation manufacturers, the inventory gradually consumed by the large market, and the price tstop to rebound. The current quotation is 160,000 RMB per ton.


The environmental protection inspection led to insufficient productivity, phosphorus pentasulfide remained at a high level, malathion supply was urgent, the price of malathion kept at a high level of 26,000 RMB per ton; downstream profenofos, chlorpyrifos, phoxim, etc. The productivity is low, the manufacturer's quotation is firm, the profenofos TC quoted 63,000 RMB per ton, the price of chlorpyrifos TC was raised to 47,000 RMB per ton, the original phoxim TC quoted 44,000 RMB per ton, the supply is insufficient.


The main products of fipronil are mainly listed, the production capacity has not been released, and the price is at a high level of 660,000 RMB per ton. The TC of chlorfenapyr faces the same problem, and the market spot is very small, and the price is raised to 270,000 RMB per ton.


The intermediate 2,6-difluorobenzamide continued to increase, reached a historical high, and the supply was not good, resulting in high cost of the downstream fluridazine, hexaflumuron, guanidinium, and acetazole TC. The TC manufacturers are limited in productivity and have low enthusiasm for orders. They are currently quoted at a high level of RMB 450,000 per ton, RMB 370,000 per ton, RMB 360,000 per ton and RMB 410,000 per ton respectively. Upstream intermediates are expected to remain short in supply and insufficient situation would not ease in a short term.


The price of methyl ester and ether aldehyde in the upstream of pyrethroids is high, the quotation continues to rise, the productivity of lambda-cyhalothrin acid is insufficient, and the overall cost support of pyrethroids is abnormal. This week, the price of pyrethroid products is firm: the highest dose of cyhalothrin The TC quoted 280,000 RMB per ton; bifenthrin TC quoted 390,000 RMB per ton; cypermethrin TC inventory reduced by the market, the price was up to 118,000 RMB per ton; fenvalerate TC spot is very small, maintained in The high level of 10.4 million RMB per ton; the beta-cypermethrin TK is stable at 50,000 RMB per ton. It is expected that the pyrethroid products will remain high in the late stage.


The TC of pyridaben, spirodiclofen and propargite were mainly stable, and the supply was short but the demand was average. They quoted 92,000 RMB per ton, 150,000 RMB per ton and 43,000 RMB per ton respectively. The export orders for bifenazate are , the storage on market is insufficient, and the quotation is raised to 425,000 RMB per ton.

Inseticide TC Market Trend

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