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Abamectinis manufacturers in China

 HEBEI NONGXIN GROUP awaiting for interested distributors, trading copanies and cooperators at Expocentre of Ukraine.
Abamectinis one of the most import insecticide popular applied for controlling pests. Last year MOA of China released a new quality standard for parts agrochemical products, GB/T 19336-2017 Abamectin TC and GB/T 19337-2017 Abamectin EC both comprised in it. The requirements were enhanced confronting the complex environmental protection situation currently.
Abamectin is an insecticide, acaricide, and macrolide disaccharide for agricultural veterinary use. Abamectin has a contact and stomach toxic effect on insects and mites and has a weak fumigating effect, and the lethal effect is slower. However, there is less residue on the surface of the plant.
Nongxin is both manufacturer and export company of pesticides, fertilizers and PGR products. Welcome to our booth for business consultation.
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