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Hot sale Abamectin

Abamectin is often used in the prevention and control of agricultural pests and diseases, but the specific scientific use of avermectin, avermectin can kill which worms, but not many people can all understand, the following detailed description of this article:
Abamectin is a new type of antibiotic broad-spectrum high-effective insecticidal acaricide, which has stomach poisoning, contact killing, and endovasation, which can kill the leafworm pests, but has no ovicidal effect. The agent is a neurotoxic agent that kills insect pests by interfering with the physiological activities of pest nerves. It has a different mechanism of action than commonly used insecticides, so it does not produce cross-resistance with commonly used insecticides and is suitable for the control of organophosphorus pesticides. Pesticides or insect pests that have developed resistance to pyrethroid insecticides.
 Direct at the new demand from the policy of government and society appeal, Nongxin has worked relentlessly, investing a large sum of money on developing and manufacturing new type of Abamectin insecticide formulation to get fit with the new norm for agrochemical industry.
Abamectin is macrolide disaccharides, gastrointestinal, contact and faint fumigation action for mites and insects; the mechanism of action differs from general insecticides is interference with neurophysiological activities, stimulated release of Υ-GABA, while GABA inhibits nerve conduction in arthropods.
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