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Emamectin benzoate and tetramer acetaldehyde reasonable complex pairing better immunity

To determine Emamectin benzoate and tetramer acetaldehyde on snails and Field Joint toxicity control effect, researchers in Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences by dip screw method to determine the synergies between the agents, and processed into granules were field trials.

Emamectin benzoate

The results showed that, Emamectin benzoate on snails (age 2) LC50 value of 0. 104 mg/L, tetrameric acetaldehyde LC50 value of 1. 242 mg/L, tetramer acetaldehyde and Emamectin benzoate in the range of 10: 1 ~ 80: 1 showed a synergistic effect; 11% tetramer acetaldehyde·Emamectin benzoate granules at 200, 300 g/667m2 doses of snails showed good control effect, respectively 86. 37%, 93.46%, was significantly higher than the control agent 6% polyacetal granules.Therefore considered emamectin benzoate and tetramethylene acetaldehyde reasonable complex agent is an excellent alternative to drug prevention and treatment of snails.

Up to now, Emamectin benzoate has not been registered in China as a molluscicide prevention and control of snails and so on
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