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Abamectin with these two drugs, prevention, and treatment of spider mite have special effects!

Speaking of spider mites, farmers friends certainly not strange, this small insect called mites, do not look small, harm is not small, will occur on a variety of crops, especially citrus, cotton, apples, flowers, vegetables and other crops, the harm is very serious.

  Many farmers reaction, prevention, and treatment are not always thorough, the effect of the medication is not obvious. However, there is a master planting summed up a recipe, it is worth to recommend it.

  First introduced a drug, its name is B mites azole.

  This drug is effective for eggs and larvae, mites invalid, but has a good effect on female infertility mites. Therefore, the best prevention time is the initial harm mite. Strong rain resistance, duration of up to 50 days.

  Another medicine called period.

  Two drugs for eggs, young nymphs effective, but are invalid for adult mites, persistence is up to 30 days.

  But some parts inspired perennial use of some resistance to spider mites, B mites azole is the rise of the last two years of long-acting acaricide, B mites azole stable control effect at low temperatures.

  Both miticide compound Abamectin or additives have a certain synergistic effect, and in the early use of mite damage occurs better.


  Nowadays part of cotton farmers in May-June uses again B mites azole or period, year-round mite damage at lower levels.

  In the early spider mite harm, with ethyl mites, YL watered diluted 3000-4000 times spraying. Can effectively control the entire juvenile mites(eggs, larvae, and nymphs).The validity period can be up to 40-50 days. With Abamectin compound use effect is more prominent.

  For cotton, late cotton spider mites occur, it is recommended to use B mites YL or period and Abamectin complex prevention.

  The main control of apple, citrus spider mites, cotton, flowers, vegetables and other crops, spider mites, spider mites, mites, two-spotted spider mites, Carmine spider mites, and other sites also have excellent control effect.

  Acetic mites YL non-temperature-sensitive, with a unique structure of the contact type, selective miticide.No systemic, spray to spray the whole plant, for cotton leaves, to spray the back of the blade better control effect.

  Safe and efficient long duration can effectively control the existing miticide resistant mites, and has good resistance to rain erosion, 2 hours after the drug, if not in heavy rain, without Up Spray.

  Want to control the red spider, to investigate the resistance of the red spider in the orchard, reasonable mix. Usually, strengthen the cultivation and management, remove the surrounding weeds, enhance ventilation transmittance. If the pest leaves, to remove burned in time, to avoid further development of pests.
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