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Brazilian court ruling: grower suspends use of Abamectin

On September 3, 2018, the first court of the Federal District of Brasilia reversed a previous decision by the Federal District Court of Brasilia VII to suspend the use of glyphosate, the first court's decision was based on the fact that products that have been registered with regulatory approval, have long been proven to pose no threat to human health and environmental safety, and that products such as glyphosate have been in use for many years. This means that Brazilian growers can continue to use glyphosate.
  On August 3, 2018, a judge in the Seventh District Federal Court of Brasilia suspended the use of glyphosate, Abamectin and thiram, stating that the new products of the above active ingredients would not be registered in Brazil and that the registered products might be suspended in the next 30 days until the government completes the re-evaluation of the toxicology.
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