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2018 inventory of pesticide products

In 2018, the number of pesticides fell seriously, although there is a large outbreak of the local area, the overall decline of pesticides compared to last year by about 10%.

In 2018, organophosphorus pesticides were banned more, carbamates and pyrethroids also decreased a lot compared with last year, and highly toxic pesticides decreased year by year. Enterprises, distributors, and growers are more and more interested in product quality and quality. The performance of acaricides is still good. Mineral oil, acetylene mite, zoster mite ester and tetramethylpyrazine are popular in the market.

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In terms of price, compared to last year, imidacloprid technical, pyrazole ketone of aphid technical, organism bug amidine technical, cefuroxime amine (technical, efficient cypermethrin (mother medicine, methylamino abamectin benzoate, screw mite ester technical, thiamethoxam amine (technical, thiamethoxam oxazine technical, olefinic organism worm amine (such as technical fell slightly, but nearly two days, abamectin, neonicotinoid insecticides high price, but some manufacturers supplies, capacity utilization is not high.

abamectin is a 30-year-old product and is an ideal agent for almost all crops to protect against almost all pests. For the vast majority of nematodes, diamondback moth, cotton bollworm, spider mites, two-spotted spider mites, peach food heartworm, pear psylla, rust tick, Leafminer, rice leaf roller and so have a good control effect.

It is reported that at present, abamectin products a total of 2872, of which 1409 mixed product, single-agent products 1463, from the enterprise level, currently involved in abamectin enterprises also exceeded 1000, of which the original drug production enterprises about 30, the rest is abamectin preparation production enterprises.
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