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Chlorpyrifos 480g / L EC control of soil pests

After sowing the seeds to emergence this time, is the most vulnerable stage of the plant, susceptible to soil pests destroyed nibble, even grow into seedlings, for some tend to tender pests still have a huge temptation, how to control soil pests, has become a problem.

Most of the life of soil pests living in the soil, the occurrence of a long period, to the spring and autumn is harmful, hidden and strong, with grubs, mole crickets, cutworms, wireworms four categories of harmful, is more difficult to control a class of pests, today  to give you a talk about the matter of soil pests.

Pharmaceutical control
Chlorpyrifos 480g/L EC
Selection of 40% phoxim diluted 2000 times, Chlorpyrifos 480g / L EC diluted 2500-3000 times spray, pour root or irrigating, stomach poison, contact, fumigation Qi hair, efficacy into full play, the effect is excellent, can also be used 5% chlorpyrifos granules applicator, ditch or fertilizing.

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