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Acetamiprid control jumping Beetle

Jump armor belonging to Coleoptera pests, adults and larvae can harm, the adult often gathered in the dorsal feeding, leaves produce small holes, so that leaves withered, but also harm the pods, the impact of strong. Seedling the most serious harm, often resulting in seedlings of the ridge, and even destroy the whole field species. Larvae-eating harmful roots, stripping the root skin, forming a strip of worm road, or dark spots; can also be bitten off the fibrous roots, the leaves from outside to Inside hair yellow wilting; borers into the root feeding, so that plant growth is blocked, wilting dead; can spread cabbage soft rot.
Prevention and treatment methods

1, agricultural control reasonable rotation, clean garden.

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2. Chemical control is carried out in spring when overwintering adults begin to move but have not yet laid eggs. The proper period of prevention and control is at the seedling stage. It can also be sprayed on the ground before sowing. Optional pesticide Acetamiprid 5% EC (Nongxin win champion) 20% cyanide marathon + Kung Fu or Chlorpyrifos 480g/L EC spray control. When spraying pesticides to control adults, they should be sprayed from all sides of the field to the inside because adults are good at jumping. When the larvae harm the roots, they should be irrigated with 35% thiame oxazole and pymetrozine. The ground should be irrigated first, and then sprayed to make the liquid easily permeate into the soil.

Because these insects easy to spread virus disease, so in the prevention and treatment of these insects, should pay attention to the occurrence of viral diseases, can be added when spraying drug prevention of viral diseases, "morpholine guanidine * ethyl ketone"; these insects mainly harm plant leaves, leaf photosynthetic efficiency and reduce nutrient conduction, need to use foliar spray plants, such as " Golden Wave,
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