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Green Tangerine Oi(l Adjuvant for pesticides and fertilizers)


Insecticidal mechanism

Green Tangerine Oi Use with high concentration, physical sealing and dissolving of the insect surface wax layer, insecticide booster, the insecticide use together with this product body surface attachment area is greater than use insecticide solely, killing insect pests more efficiently.

The mechanism of weeding

The rapid penetration of this product accelerates efficient uptake and conduction, allowing the herbicides to rapidly accumulate at the growing point.

Fertilizer synergism mechanism

1.Drip irrigation, flushing can loosen the soil, enhance the lateral mobility of water-soluble fertilizer, improve the utilization of water-soluble fertilizer;

2.Increase the mobility of minerals and carry nutrients to plant nutrition center.

Green Tangerine Oil

Safe & natural, extracted from plants and applied on plants

1.Good compatibility and can be mixed with vast majority of insecticides,fungicides and herbicides;

2.Long use period, can be used during the whole growth period;

3.No side effects, no blockage of pores, high temperature available.


Dilute 8000-10000 times


5ml*100bags*8cases/carton; 100ml*60bottles/carton

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