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How leeks safely use Emamectin benzoate

Emamectin benzoate is a new and efficient semi-synthetic antibiotic insecticide, high activity on a variety of pests larvae and mites, both stomach poisoning and contact and killing effect on the leek maggot (leek delayed-eye mushroom mosquitoes) has good control effect. To clarify the situation of the Drug Residues in the leek, the Academy technician in Emamectin benzoate in the field of dynamic leek residue and the final residue was measured.

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The dynamic results of the digestion of the test Emamectin benzoate in leeks showed that the equation of the curve of the digestion of the Emamectin benzoate in leeks was: CT=22.548 e-0.3671 T, R2=0.9288; the digestion Half-Life T1/2=1.89 d (days).

Comprehensive test results show that Emamectin benzoate 2% EC 500 ml/acre, the last time from the harvest 7 days of spraying, the samples were not detected Emamectin benzoate residue (residue content of less than 0.5%). 1µg / kg).
Emamectin benzoate
Because there is no domestic emamectin benzoate maximum residual limit in Leek, and its analog abamectin maximum residual limit in leafy vegetables is 0. 05 mg/kg, and Emamectin benzoate toxicity than Avermectin small, therefore, it can be seen from the test results, the use of Emamectin benzoate2%EC in the application does 500 ml/acre and the recommended method of use is safe.
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