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pear psyllid insecticide

pear psyllid insecticide

-Storm Commando

In order to guide farmers to use pesticides scientifically and safely, and gradually reduce the use of chemical pesticides, the city officially released the 2018 crop pests and diseases in Beijing on February 13 through public solicitation, corporate applications, conditional review, expert review, and online publicity. Pesticides and pharmaceutical products recommended list of controlling voles, pest, plant diseases was brought out. And 1.8%Abamectin is from a famous agrochemical company is in it, and it is a good pear psyllid insecticide.

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The active ingredient of Storm Commando is Abamectin. Abamectin is a kind of macrolide disaccharides, gastrointestinal, contact and faint fumigation action for mites and insects; the mechanism of action differs from general insecticides is interference with neurophysiological activities, stimulated release of Υ-GABA, while GABA inhibits nerve conduction in arthropods.

Insect adults, nymphs and insect larvae are paralyzed after contact with abamectin, are inactive and do not feed. No accumulation in the environment, safe for crops, one of the most common pear psyllid insecticide in the market.

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