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Chlorpyrifos use range and method

Chlorpyrifos use range and method
(1) Chlorpyrifos vegetable pests control cabbage caterpillars, 40% emulsifiable concentrate 60~80 ml or 35% emulsifiable concentrate 60~100 ml, 40-40 kg water, spray. Control the lentils of the genus Dioscorea, use 35% emulsifiable concentrate 70~100 ml or 40% emulsifiable concentrate 40~60 ml, spray 40~50 kg of water, spray.

Chlopyrifos 5% GR
(2) chlorpyrifos tea tree pest control tea ruler, using 35% emulsifiable milk 60~70 ml, 50~TO kg of water, foliar spray. Control tea small green leaf scorpion, use 35% emulsifiable concentrate 70~80 liters, 50 kg water, spray on the crown of tea tree
(3) Chlorpyrifos Rice worms control rice leaf roller, at the peak of 2nd instar larvae, use 40% emulsifiable concentrate or 35% emulsifiable oil 80~100ml, spray 50~70kg, spray. Control rice planthoppers, use 40% high-permeability emulsifiable concentrate 100~120 ml, 50-70 kg water, spray on the base of rice.
(4) chlorpyrifos cotton bollworm with 35% emulsifiable oil 80~100 ml, 60~75 kg water, spray.
(5) chlorpyrifos wheat locusts use 30% emulsifier 35% emulsifiable concentrate, 40~60 kg of water, spray.

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