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Potassium phosphite (0-520-340) AS

Potassium phosphite (0-520-340) AS

Product specification:30g*30bags*8packages   500g*20bottles

Product Category: Immune Production Booster.


1. It can be conducted up and down in plants. Through foliar spraying, flushing and drip irrigation, crops can absorb fertilizers more efficiently. This product can also quickly replenish phosphorus and potassium.

2. It is both a natural fungicide and a high-phosphorus and high-potassium foliar fertilizer.

3. This product contains a special phosphorus source, which can regulate the closing of plant stomata, thereby extending the picking period.

4. This product has higher activity of potassium phosphite to prevent premature aging.

5. This product is not easy to antagonize trace elements, has good mixability and high safety, and will not produce drug resistance after repeated use.

Technology and methods of use:

Applicable crops


period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and treatment suggestions

fruit tree (citrus)

This product can promote the growth of flower buds, promote fruit growth, and make flowers and buds consistent. It can also promote fruit coloring, effectively control citrus canker, and significantly increase the commercial fruit rate of citrus.

Spring shoot stage, young fruit stage, autumn shoot stage

Foliar spray:

Dilute 1000-1500 times;


30,000-45,000 ml per hectare;

Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, root drenching:

Per hectare per time: 15000-30000 ml

Control shoots/promote new shoot maturation:

Dilute 300-600 times

Disease resistance/prevention:

Dilute 400-600 times

Treatment of diseases:

Dilute 200-300 times for root irrigation or tree trunk spraying.

It is not recommended to mix with strong acids and alkalis.


This product can increase fruit sugar content, promote fruit color change and flower bud differentiation, and can also prevent diseases.

Young fruit stage, expansion and coloring stage


It can promote the growth of flower buds of vegetables and fruits, promote fruit expansion, and improve fruit sugar content and fruit disease resistance.

before flowering、fruit expansion period

leafy vegetables

It can enhance the prevention and treatment of diseases, strengthen seedlings and improve their quality.

balling period


Promotes coloration and improves disease resistance. Improve disease resistance to late blight and gray mold.

young fruit stage


Promote fruit expansion, improve crop resistance to late blight, and make the leaves of crops thick and green.

Tuber expansion stage

field crops

It can improve crop stress resistance, promote grain filling, increase thousand-grain weight, and improve quality and yield.

tillering stage、Grain filling period


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