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Fast-acting high-activity fertilization DP

Fast-acting high-activity fertilization DP

Medium element water-soluble fertilizer

Product specification:(4kg*5bags)*50bags/ton


Product Category: Fast-acting, high-activity flushing fertilization.


It can be applied by flushing, hole application, root irrigation, and basal application. In the middle and late stages of growth, 150-300 kg per hectare should be used each time, and the amount should be reduced by half in the seedling stage. Apply once every 10-15 days, and increase the dosage appropriately during the fruit expansion period for better results.


1. The leading unique technology can fully meet the needs of agricultural producers for high-quality, high-yield products. Complete water solubility and excellent purity make this product suitable for all fertilization systems. This product is specially added with Ti and other rare earth elements, which can quickly activate the plant metabolic system when combined with other elements of the product.

2. High activity: Special addition of biologically active factors can increase fertilizer efficiency by about 20%. At the same time, it will also stimulate plant physiological metabolism and promote early germination of seeds. After using this product, the seedling emergence rate will be high and the seedlings will take root quickly.

3. Improve photosynthesis: This product can be quickly absorbed by crops, increase carbohydrate content, increase leaf chlorophyll content, promote photosynthesis, and repair staged leaf chlorosis.

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