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Amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer DP

Amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer DP

cell activation immune agent

Product specification:5kg*4bags*50bags/ton

Product category:cell activation immune agent.

Applicable crops:

Melons, beans, solanaceous fruits, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruit trees, field crops, cash crops, medicinal materials, etc.


It can be applied by flushing, hole application, root irrigation, and basal application. In the middle and late stages of growth, 150-300 kg per hectare should be used each time, and the amount should be reduced by half in the seedling stage. Apply once every 10-15 days, and increase the dosage appropriately during the fruit expansion period for better results.


1. The world's leading unique process; complete water solubility, excellent purity, suitable for all fertilization systems.

2. Loose soil for rooting, make leaves greener, make seedlings stronger, preserve flowers and fruits, enlarge fruits, make fruits more colorful, resist disease and cold, make crops mature earlier and increase yield.

3. Quick effect: After flushing with water for 6 hours, the increase of chlorophyll can be obviously seen, and the effect can be seen in 24 hours.

4. Good rooting effect: It can promote the differentiation of flower buds of crops, preserve flowers and fruits, promote the expansion of fruits and vegetables, and increase the brightness of fruits and vegetables.

5. After use, it can well regulate the phenomenon of crop fertilizer aversion, enhance the crop's desire for fertilizer, and enable the unabsorbed nutrients in the soil to be reabsorbed and reused to achieve the highest utilization rate of fertilizers.

6. Break crop dormancy, promote crop germination, double yield, improve crop stress resistance, increase fruit sugar content and vitamin content, and bring crops to market earlier.

7. It has high activity and can quickly penetrate into the plant body. It can quickly relieve soil compaction and greatly improve the ability of soil to retain water and fertilizer and the ability of crop root to absorb .

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