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Medium element water-soluble fertilizer AS

Medium element water-soluble fertilizer AS

Fruit expansion immune agent

Product specification:5kg*4bags*50cartons/ton

Product Category: Fruit Expanding Immunizer.

Applicable crops:

Melons, beans, solanaceous fruits, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruit trees, field crops, cash crops, medicinal materials, etc.


It can be applied by flushing, hole application, root irrigation, and basal application. In the middle and late stages of growth,150-300 kg per hectare should be used each time, and the amount should be reduced by half in the seedling stage. Apply once every 10-15 days, and increase the dosage appropriately during the fruit expansion period for better results.


1. This product adopts a variety of integrated technologies and advanced processing techniques, and has a complete combination formula of medium and trace elements. The perfect ratio between elements promotes the mutual absorption of each element and changes the antagonism between elements. Thus it can be fully absorbed and utilized by crops, fully accelerating crop growth.

2. This product can be quickly absorbed by crops, increase carbohydrates, promote the synthesis of chlorophyll, improve photosynthetic capacity, regulate stomata opening, activate defense mechanisms, improve drought resistance, cold resistance, and waterlogging resistance, and repair the phased water loss of leaves. It can quickly replenish various medium and trace elements needed by crops, and can effectively prevent various physiological diseases caused by lack of trace elements.

3. It can break crop dormancy, strong rooting, promote germination, and double the yield: using this product can make the root system thicker, lengthen the root system, thicken the leaves, make the leaves greener, make the stems thick and strong, and make the fruits less likely to appear deformed. . It can increase the sugar content and vitamin content of fruits and prevent premature plant aging. It can bring crops to market 15 days in advance, extend the picking period, and increase production by more than 40%.

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