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Water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid  AS

Water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid AS

Fully complex liquid slow-release nitrogen fertilizer containing fulvic acid  

Product specification:1L(1.3kg)*12bottles

Product Category: Patented production-increasing liquid nitrogen fertilizer.


1. High nitrogen content: total nitrogen 360 g/L, including 216 g/L slow-release nitrogen and 144 g/L urea nitrogen.

2. Long lasting effect: Using full complex sustained-release technology, the lasting effect is as long as more than 60 days.

3. High absorption and utilization rate: dual channels of nitrogen supplementation, the absorption and utilization rate is as high as over 90%

4. Fly-proof formula: unique moisturizing technology, specially added with polyglutamic acid to ensure high efficiency and safety for crops.

5. High cost performance: spend less money and get better results.

Technology and methods of use:

Applicable crops

period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and treatment suggestions


small trumpet stage, big trumpet stage

Spray: 200ml mixed with 15kg of water, spray the whole plant, 2-3 times recommended.

Flying defense: 4500-6000g/ha/time。

Apply 2-3 times during the entire growth period of the crop, with a dosage of 15-30 liters per hectare.

The specific use and dosage can be increased or decreased according to the crop and soil fertility.


Greening and jointing stage,  booting stage

Leafy crops

whole growth period

150ml mixed with 15kg of water, from 4-leaf stage to 20 days before harvest, recommended 2-3 times

Fruit crops

whole growth period

Dilute this product 400-600 times and spray the whole plant 2-3 times.

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