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Difenoconazole 1%+Thiamethoxam 20%+Fludioxonil 1% FS

Difenoconazole 1%+Thiamethoxam 20%+Fludioxonil 1% FS

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Anti-freeze seed coating agent to increase yield.

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Difenoconazole 1%+Thiamethoxam 20%+Fludioxonil 1%FS


aphid、full rot

400-670ml/100kg seeds

seed coating


1. Resist frost damage, make leaves greener, reduce drying rate, and eliminate frost damage to spikelets.

2. Effectively control wheat aphids, saving labor, time and worry;

3. Efficiently solve stubborn root diseases, such as sheath blight, total rot, and root rot;

4. Promote the increase of crop tillers and make the wheat grains yellow and large.

Applicable crops

Prevention objects

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sheath blight、full rot
Root rot disease、aphid、wireworm

90g of this product is mixed with 400-500ml of water and coated with 30-45kg of wheat seeds.

Seed mixing can be done manually or by machine

Choose improved varieties that meet national standards


Root rot disease、Leaf blight disease
leaf spot disease、Gray mold disease
sclerotiniose、Ground maggot

Mix 90g of this product with 1kg-1.5kg of water and stir evenly to prepare a coating liquid. Coat 200-300kg of seeds peeled into garlic cloves.

Manually stir seeds

It is strictly forbidden to coat directly on the cement floor, and a large piece of plastic film must be placed to prevent the loss of the liquid.

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