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Pyrimethanil 10%+Ethiocarb 16% WDG

Pyrimethanil 10%+Ethiocarb 16% WDG

Product specification:

20g*50bags*8boxes  100g*100bags

Prevention map:

Cucumber gray mold、Tomato gray mold、Strawberry gray mold、Eggplant Sclerotinia、Peach brown rot

Product Category:

Flower-Strengthening Fungicide.

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Pyrimethanil 10%+Ethiocarb 16%WDG


Gray mold disease




1. Double flower preservation formula, internal suction and fumigation.

2. The medication will take effect 3 hours after application, and the mold layer will fall off after 12 hours.

3. Low temperature resistance, good effect in low temperature environment.

4. The fruit is fresh and beautiful, easier to sell

5. Good safety, no harm to flowers, fruits or bees.

Applicable crops

Prevention objects

period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and treatment suggestions

Solanaceous vegetables

Gray mold disease

  Flowering stage, young fruit stage, color change and maturity stage

20g-25g/barrel water

Spray once 5-7 days before flowering, spray 1-2 times again after flowers fall, and spray again 7-10 days apart.


Gray mold disease

 After flowers fade, early stage of fruit setting

800- 1000times


Gray mold disease

 growth period

20g-25g/barrel water


Gray mold disease

Inflorescence separation period, after flowering, and color change period

800- 1000times

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