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Dinotefuran 30%+ Thiamethoxam 20% WDG

Dinotefuran 30%+ Thiamethoxam 20% WDG

Dinotefuran 30%+ Thiamethoxam 20% WDG Specifications:

5g*100bag*8box; 10g*50bag*8box; 100g*60bottle; 200g*20bottle; 500g*12bottle

Registration information:

Active ingredient content

Registered crops

prevention and treatment target

Registered Usage


Dinotefuran 30%+ Thiamethoxam 20% WDG


Rice planthopper


Mist spray


Product category:

Aerial Crop Protection grade pesticide

Product Features: 

1, Using the DF second-generation technology, dry suspension treatment, high absorption rate, spraying smoothly without blocking the nozzle.

2, Excellent endosorption and conduction characteristics, can promote the crops repair and improve its resistance.

3, High activity, micro-toxicity, low residue in crops.

4, Promote root and seedling strength, shorten the transplanted rice seedling slowing down time, and make the crops strong growth, and leaf more greener with root system vigorous.


Applied crops


Period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and control recommendations


rice planthopper、rice thrip

Seedling period、

The peak oftillering period


For prevention, the most appropriate control of rice planthopper is in the incubation period, early season rice fromthe peak oftillering stage , and rice of intermediate-late from the tillering stage



In the egg period or larvae andthe initial stage of use, can  combined with the Spirotetramat 10%+ Pyriproxyfen 15% SC

1500-2000 times

Thrip is a nocturnal pest, which is recommended to use it in the afternoon

Fruit tree

plant louse、Aphid、mealywing

In thepeak ofegg incubation period or use at the beginning of the larval development

1500-2000 times

Pay attention to the the tip of a shootapplication,whichcan be combined with  Spirotetramat 10%+ Pyriproxyfen 15% SC

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