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Pyraclostrobin 15%+ Penconazole 10% SC

Pyraclostrobin 15%+ Penconazole 10% SC

Pyraclostrobin 15%+ Penconazole 10% SC Specifications:

10g*100bag*8box; 40g*100bottle; 100g*60bottle; 500g*20bottle; 1000g*12bottle

Registration information:

Active ingredient content

Registered crops

prevention and treatment target

Registered Usage


Pyraclostrobin 15%+ Penconazole 10% SC


Powdery mildew

2500-3500 times

Mist spray

Product category:

New generation of fungicides for yield and fruit enhancement

Product Features:

1, conventional fungicide upgraded formula.

2, a new formula, does not pollute the fruit surface, so the surface is light and beautiful, while not hurting the fruit powder, a comprehensive replacement for chlorothalonil, Mancozeb and other conventional agents.

3, the use of the suspension process, yield activity is more than 3.5 times than the conventional agents, more significant increase in yield.

4, leaf preservation formula, carrying small molecule polypeptide, make leaf green and thick.



Applied crops


Period of use

Preparation dosage

Prevention and control recommendations


powdery mildew、white rot、


During the bagging period

2000-2500 times

It is recommended to use early, and can be mixed with downy mildew drug


melanose of citrus、anthracnosis


Spring tip period to flowering、

fruitlet stage

2000-2500 times

Recommended to be used during the onset of disease, can be mixed with bacterial agents, unified prevention of fungal diseases


anthracnosis、powdery mildew、

Alternaria Leaf Spot

Flower becoming red、During baggig period

2000-2500 times

Recommended to use before the disease occurrence, and appropriately according to the pests condition, increasing the number of use

Melon and, solanaceous fruit

powdery mildew、anthracnosis

Seedling period,Early flowering period,

time of fructification

10-20g/Bucket water

Recommended continuously use for 3 times, to prevent premature aging, and adding fructification  period,so it can  increase the yield


powdery mildew、rust

tillering stage分、Grain-filling stage


Recommended  continuously using 3 times, prevent premature aging and increase production

Peach fruit

Monilinia fructicola、anthracnosis

Flowering to fruitlet period

2000-2500 times

Recommended to use in the disease occurance period,can be mixed with bacterial agents, unified prevention of fungal diseases



Precautionary note:

1,It is recommended to use in the early stage of the disease, according to the condition of discretionary dosage.

2,It is not recommended to mix with high permeability additives, small area test before large area promotion.

3,Special grape varieties need to be tested on a small area before large-scale promotion.

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