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Method for controlling mite pest

There are many harmful mites, commonly known as " red, white spider.”Can harm cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, citrus, and apples, etc., to become, larvae absorb juice harm on the leaves, began to cause the yellow spot on the leaves, after the harm of the growing range, the entire leaf yellowing, affecting plants photosynthesis, can cause serious whole plant dies. The mite usually begins to occur from the lower blade to the center of the victim strain to the surrounding diffusion, or point piece occurs. Mainly by the wind, field farming operations and other means of diffusion. Lower temperatures, the high nitrogen content of plants, is conducive to the occurrence of spider mites, a greenhouse can occur anniversary, in October-the following year in July for the multiple Phase.
Prevention and treatment methods
1, agricultural control and reasonable arrangements for crop rotation intercropping crops, intercropping crops, to avoid mutual transfer of spider mites in the host harm; strengthen field management, keep the field clean, timely eradication of weed and litter and old leaves burned, reduce pests; drought should pay attention to irrigation, strengthen the field humidity, is not conducive to their reproduction and development.

2, drug control, when individual plants are found to suffer from symptoms, they can be selected for treatment. When the mites are transferred, they should be sprayed in time. The optional agents are 1.8% avermectin (spider mites), 5%Abamectin, 10%Abamectin, 24.5% avi mineral oil or ACV. The spray is 7 to 10 days, 2-3 times. Drugs should be used in rotation to avoid drug resistance. In order to spray evenly, it must be sprayed on the back of the leaves; in addition, it should also spray on the weeds and other host plants beside the fields to prevent their spread.
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