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Prevention and control of pests and diseases of sweet peppers and cucumbers

There are mainly palm thrips and flower thrips, occurring on sweet peppers and cucumbers, and a nymph rasp sucks the host's young shoots, young leaves, flowers, and young juice. Leaves, young shoots shrink Harden, leaves form many elongated yellow-white markings, severe leaf twisted yellow, shortened Internode, plant growth is slow, Harden after the victim young fruits, fruit fall serious, withered plants. The worm adult lively good fly, mostly in the young shoots, dorsal feeding, eggs scattered in the leaf tissue, to 11 months-the following year in July for multiple periods.
Prevention and treatment methods
1, early spring agricultural prevention and removal of field weeds and dead leaves, concentrated burned or buried, destroy winter adults and nymphs. Strengthen fertilizer and water management, promote robust plant growth, reduce harm.

2, physical control of the use of thrips blue trend habits, set the blue sticky plate in the field, trapping adults, sticky plate height and crop level.

3, pharmaceutical control according to the characteristics of thrips nocturnal, it is recommended in the afternoon medication. Agents can be used 5% Acetamiprid + Aurora killing AIDS, 20% cyanoprene * marathon or imidacloprid together with Kung Fu or amphetamine·lufenuron for prevention and treatment.
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