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prevention and control of aphid pests and diseases

Aphid pests mainly melon aphid, green peach aphid, and cotton aphid can harm cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes. To normal growth, while coal pollution and the spread of the virus. At the beginning of the occurrence of the worm obvious occurrence center, and thus to the surrounding diffusion to 9-11 months, 5-6 months for the multiple Phase.
Prevention and treatment methods

1, the rational distribution of agricultural control planting structure, pay attention to crop rotation, can effectively reduce the occurrence of aphids and leek intercropping.
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2, Physical Control winged aphids can be used to kill the yellow plate. Winged aphids like yellow-orange, in the field to prevent the yellow plate can stick to fly down on the aphids. Washing powder can also destroy aphids, washing powder and water in accordance with 1:450 weight mixed, sprayer sprayed onto the leaves of vegetables, but also to destroy aphids.

3, Drug Control before flowering, after Xie spent available 10% acetamiprid (aphid effects)+silicone additives, chlorofluorocarbons * imidacloprid or 25%pymetrozine; aphid occurs when a large area, the use of 25% imidacloprid, 70% imidacloprid or effort to alternate prevention and control, to prevent its resistance.
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