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Method for preventing and treating tobacco whitefly

Can harm cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers, in order to become, nymphs suction plant juice, diseased plants leaves chlorotic yellowing, wilting and even death, affecting normal growth.At the same time a lot of honeydew secretion, induced coal pollution, affecting photosynthesis, in addition, whitefly can spread the virus.The worm breeding fast, generations overlap, adult plants with the growth of continuous at the top of the leaves to lay eggs, the greenhouse can be Anniversary.
Prevention and treatment methods

1, agricultural pest control selection or resistance to insect varieties; cultivation of non-worm seedling; remove residual weeds, destroy the insect source and the host transition.

2, Physical Control yellow board booby.Whitefly has a strong tendency to yellow, yellow plate may be provided in the greenhouse (fig layer of sticky oil) to kill adults.Yellow plate and the upper leaves of plants high, even hanging about 20 per acre.

3, Drug Control should be used 25%Imidacloprid, 70% Imidacloprid or agricultural letter won (5% acetamiprid) accompanied by quick work, spraying once every 7-10 days, uniform spray treatment; tabaclopsis mainly gathered dorsal harm, so the plant leaves the back as the focus of the application site; to pay attention to different types, different mechanisms of rotation between pesticide use.
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